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Gooseneck plate to frame... Stick or Mig?

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    Disregard my above post, I reread the first post and understand now.

    How many passes with what rod and amperage? Did you take off the bed to do the topside? Pictures?


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      There is a reason that all the kits bolt on. Let me know when your frame breaks in half.
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        Originally posted by elvis View Post
        There is a reason that all the kits bolt on. Let me know when your frame breaks in half.
        ^^^exactly what he said^^^
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          While I would not have used 1" for this, and I wonder about the experience of the OP,

          I have owned four pickups with plates welded to the frame, and never had a crack or any other sign of fatigue. These pickups were in and out of ditches, hauled heavy loads grossing up to 30,000 lbs, etc. you get the picture.

          That being said, my new pickup has a bolted in plate due to lack of room and lots of electronics.


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            My guess is the plates are bolted on because they are put on by dealers who don't employ skilled help, skilled as welders anyway. A lot less liability when you just drill and bolt on with factory supplied parts.

            I've seen some pretty cr@ppy stick welds, at least I thought so anyway. They have been holding just fine for many years.
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