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Millermatic 252 problems

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  • Millermatic 252 problems

    I am a new welding teacher at a high school. I have all new miller in my lab and I was mainly taught on just the old millers with the 6 and 60 short circuit. I have gotten both of them to run short circuit for my student. The other day I had a student do something I have yet to figure it out what he did. One of the Millermatics won't go to short circuit any more. I can set it and it will run a few second on short and then switches right to spray. I have reset any possible timers that could of been on there. I am learning as I am going and could really use some ideas so I can get this one up and running so my students can use it.

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    Try a reset on the machine, owners manual should illustrate how.

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      You might also check with the LWS that supplies/supports your school. They should be able to help, especially if the equipment is new - it was possibly bought through them. I know that the LWS that supplied the vo-tech school I recently graduated from provided great support for our equipment.


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        What do you mean 6 and 60? What gas are you running?


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          The difference between short circuit and spray is just different wire speeds, voltage settings with 90/10 vs. 75/25. I don't think it can actually go into a "spray mode" as it doesn't have different modes. Sounds like a kinked liner or something restricting the wire feed.
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