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Is a pulser for my 250 dx worth it

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  • Is a pulser for my 250 dx worth it

    Just got a 250dx and was wondering if adding a pulser worth the money...and is it buy the board and plug in weld or there's more to it????

    Miller part# 300548

    Thanks for reading!!! AG

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    There are 3 "Field Options" they should be a Plug n Play...

    Sequencer Module
    #300 547
    Field Kit for Syncrowave 250/350 Effective with serial number LE282983.
    Provides a starting current higher or lower than the welding current. Provides final slope and final current for trailing the weld. Provides spot timer for TIG spot application.
    Pulser Module
    #300 548
    Field Kit for Syncrowave 250 DX Effective with serial number LE282983.
    For welding of thin materials. Provides a heating and cooling effect of the weld puddle to reduce heat input and control distortion of the material. Provides 0.25 to 10 pulses per second.
    Power Factor Correction Kit
    #194 692
    Field Kit for Syncrowave 250 DX
    Reduces primary amperage draw by approximately 25 percent allowing the use of smaller breakers/fuses and smaller primary cord. Power Factor does not reduce the power consumption/electrical bill.
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      I would say no.

      10 pps would drive me crazy, and is almost unusable to me as 60pps is mimimum to prevent nausea and headache from the strobelight effect. 100pps to 500pps which I use on a daily basis works a charm.
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        I really like pulse on thin copper. I don't need to ride the pedal quite as hard that way, I get penetration without sag. I usually have it set to around 1.3 pulses per second, not too annoying. I agree that 10 pulses per second would drive you crazy.

        If you don't weld thin materials, not sure if slow pulse would help that much. My Syncrowave 200 will not go faster than 10 pulses per second, so I have no experience with higher pulse rates.
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