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  • Welding Procedure Qualification

    Dear all,
    I have a confusion regarding WPS and PQR as per ASM section IX. I want some help from you.
    I have qualified a welding procedure of a butt weld having plate thicknesses of 8 mm i.e. (T1=8mm & T2= 8 mm), material is stainless steel (SS 304L) and process is GTAW. I then developed WPS based upon the qualified welding procedure.
    Now I have to make two fillet welds of same material having following thicknesses:
    Fillet weld 1: T1=28mm and T2=8mm
    Fillet weld 1: T1=8mm and T2=2mm
    Now my questions are:
    1. Should I qualify a welding procedure for fillet welds separately or I can use the same PQR for butt weld to make a fillet weld?
    2. If I am going to use the same PQR for making a fillet weld then should i use the same parameters that are mentioned in PQR or the parameters could be different? i.e. WPS for fillet weld should contain the same parameters mentioned in PQR of butt weld or it could be different?
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    I believe it's the WPS that defines the position (flat, horizontal, etc...), joint design, and thickness of material that you are qualified to weld. Check your current WPS for this.

    Also the testing lab you use should be able to answer this question for you.

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