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  • Dynasty 200 dx pulser

    Does anybody use their pulse function and for what purpose?

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    I do. Some uses I've found:

    - 1PPS for thin material square tube butt joints along the radius corner, where there's a big gap
    - high PPS for reducing heat input on thin material
    - high PPS for directing the arc, whether close to an edge or right into the root of a fillet


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      I think the pulse can also be used effectively to train or refine your wire feed technique. fast or slow it is always uniform....
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        High speed pulse is particularly effective in agitating the puddle for faster seam closing on DC, less arc wander, hence faster travel speeds.

        With the probability of ridicule, I think DC H-S-P flares the arc, hence colder weld and less penetration. Some of which can be modified with tungsten profile.
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          Originally posted by 11b View Post
          Does anybody use their pulse function and for what purpose?
          I bought the Dynasty 200DX a while back. The company I work for uses the Dynasty 350 all over the plant. I want to know what all the buttons were for. Now every chance I get I play with the machines, and try different settings.

          I use pulse all the time at home. I just finished a project with 16 gauge square carbon tubing. the joints weren't tight. I used an abrasive saw to cut them. The pulse function on the Dynasty made it easy to fill the gap.

          You just have to remember-when you pulse, you have to increase your amps. I use the "rule of thumb", double the amps for what you are welding. Then adjust with your amptrol. Good luck!


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            I use pulse all the time as well, although I havent seen any real benefit to it at least in my case.
            If I reduce the pulse rate down to 1 pps I think it helps but it drives my eyes nuts, so I dont use it on the low settings. I weld material that is .022 thick, butt weld, run at 19 amps, 50 pps,50 percent and 20 percent background, I can turn off the pulse and reduce the current to (10 amps or so) the same as the average current with the pulse on and it seems to weld the same for me on this light gage material. I have read articles where guys use it and swear by it, it just doesnt do much for me on the mild steel pipes.

            I do like the variable frequency for aluminum welding though.

            Overall I really like the 200dx as it pretty much does all I need to do, since 2009 I havent had any major problems with it. It has less than 400 hours on it.
            mike sr


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