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plasma Extreme 375 issues

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  • plasma Extreme 375 issues

    Newbie here. My 375 extreme started acting up yesterday. Its always worked without a problem whether its hooked to 110 or 220. I normally leave it hooked to 220. My air pressure stays around 110-115 psi. Yesterday when I tried to fire it up, it started to then cut off, the low air pressure light was blinking. Let it sit for a sec, reset it, the same thing. It kept doing it. So I pulled the cover and checked the filter, it actually looked really good. But I decided what the heck, I'll remove the filter and try it just to see if that was the problem. Tried to fire it up again, same thing, kept getting the low air pressure light. Put the same filter back in, put the cover on and decided to try again. it did the same thing but then it worked. I used it for about 1 hr. Took a lunch break, came back out and it started doing the low pressure thing again. Is there something else that I'm missing besides the filter? Is there something else that I need to check?

    Also, my air tank is not equipped with an water knock out system (yes I know), but I do blow it down very often and I'm installing one as soon as I finish writing this.

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    And when you adjust the air pressure to 70psi, is the air flowing?????


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      didn't try that. If I do that, then its not enough pressure to strike an arc, it should do the same thing.


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        Air MUST be flowing to adjust the machine, other wise you have a clog somewhere. Doesn't matter much if you have 150psi or 300 psi going to the machine. There must be a preset pressure of 70 psi at the torch head.


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          How do I check 70 psi at the torch tip?


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            Sorry, as I mentioned air flowing From the machine must be set to specification while either the trigger is pulled or the unit is in air set mode. Time to have a look at that owners manual...