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All GTAW: Dynasty and other machines.

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  • All GTAW: Dynasty and other machines.

    To all GTAW: Dynasty or other machines.
    Much thanks to FUZZ8 for prompting this post. He was asking about Chem Sharp and what is DCSP. Here is the posted reply in a new post.
    I also have a fantastic PDF article on GTAW and inverters from Dave Fisher at Miller, but will have to post in 3 or 4 sections , even after compressing to get it all on the forum. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read. If it does not work, then download the latest Adobe Reader from www. This is version 6. I'll locate and post soon. Enjoy.

    I honestly forget where I heard about Chem Sharp, but I am glad you guys are enjoying it. ANDY once told me he uses it a lot when traveling. Most DC GTAW is DCSP: Direct Current Straight Polarity
    Basic meaning: electrode is negative
    work lead (ground) is positive
    also called DCEN DC electrode negative

    DCRP: Direct Current Reverse Polarity
    Basic meaning: electrode is positive
    work lead (ground) is negative
    also called DCEP DC electrode positive

    On AC GTAW you get both the above. The current wave alternates between the DCRP and DCSP (x) times per second. This is the AC frequency. On a transformer machine it is typically 60HZ. Inverter machines like the Dynasty have a totally adjustable AC frequency output. The higher the cycles/second (HZ: Hertz) the more tightly the arc is focused. The Dynasty also features adjustable electrode balance. The more time the AC stays on the negative side the greater the penetration. The greater time spent on the positive side the more cleaning action is acheived for metals that oxidize easily such as aluminum. On the Dynasty the higher the number (EN or electrode negative (DCSP) the greater the penetration. The lower the number, the greater the cleaning. Many AC machines have a fixed electrode balance.

    I know I went further than you asked. I am going to copy this to a new post because these questions have reared many times before. Have a great day!