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How to connect Maxtron 450 and XR-A Push-Pull Gun

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  • How to connect Maxtron 450 and XR-A Push-Pull Gun


    I am new to the forum but have been reading for awhile. I have not been able to find any topics that cover what I am about to ask...

    I have a Maxtron 450 (KF789983) power supply connected to a S-64M wire feeder (LC326095) and I am wondering how to properly connect an XR-A push pull gun using the WC-24 weld control adapter?

    My power supply only has one 14pin output and I presumably need to plug in both the feeder and the weld control adapter. Do I need to make a 14 pin splitter or can the three used pins in the WC-24 14 pin connector be converted to plug in somewhere else?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    NOt happening, push pull wise. You'll need a canister for your 30A for the wire.

    You have a XR gun, but no xr cabinet. So basically you have a Spoolmatic 30A, a WC-24, and thats about it. Get a canister, solve the problems
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      Thank you for the quick reply Cruizer, I will get a canister!


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        Does anyone happen to have a used / extra canister for a Spoolmatic that they want to sell?