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welding helmet/vision problem

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  • welding helmet/vision problem

    I'm taking a FCAW class. I have a little previous experience and have used an electronic helmet since '99. The helmet is a Jackson with EQC variable shade (9-12). I am welding with about 26v @ 240 . To experiment, I drew some soapstone lines. When the arc ignites, the line disappears (at 9-12 shades). Does this mean I have a helmet problem, eye problem, or what?

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    j427wise- In the presence of a light in the same color hue as the mark it will be hard to see, in this case white lines in white light.

    Try using a black sharpie pen see if it also is hard to see. I usually use a scribe and it can be really hard to see but it won't introduce foreign particles into the weld either. Experiment with something different, I often find techniques that help me in other places by accident.