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??Serial#KE691172 Trailblazer 250 G Stock# 903107 No Weld No Power No Way!??

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  • ??Serial#KE691172 Trailblazer 250 G Stock# 903107 No Weld No Power No Way!??

    Would love to hear as others did that all I need to do is jump a few wires or pop a quick this or that In but... How do i even begin on this model? The manual#KE668695 doesn't cover much on OHM readings and such so might I find a service manual on the Genset itself somewhere? Any help would be awesome! Thanks, Badazz Mofojoe A BeNdEr Of Wrenches: Machining And Manipulating Metal For Various Purposes!

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    You should have 30ohms +/-10% between the center and front slip rings and 13ohms +/- 10% between the center and rear.

    Your 0ohms reading to the front indicates an open winding and if the brushes and holder were broken when you got the machine, maybe the wire connecting the slip ring to the windings got broken.

    Sometimes for non-High Frequency machines, Miller Customer Service will email a .pdf of the Technical Manual to an owner. A dealer/distributor will most likely charge you IF they'll even order it for you.
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