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Aerowave versus Dynasty 200/300

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  • Aerowave versus Dynasty 200/300

    Although I have read the appropriate brochures multiple times, I do not understand the differences between these two machines. I was told by a very knowledgable friend that the DX 200/300 would 'do anything the Aerowave would do'. He is a current DX200 owner, and had an Aerowave before that. Specifically, what applications are better/only done on the Aerowave? Thanks

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    The Aerowave is probably best suited to the Aerospace Industry for which it was originally designed. It is a $9800 GTAW machine that can be had for $8000 depending on your dealer. The basic differences in the full featured Aerowave and the DX model Dynasty is the 250HZ-400HZ AC frequency adjustment on the Aerowave and the Dynasty stops at 250HZ. The Aerowave also offers independent amperage control on the EP and EN portion of the AC cycle. If you can justify 250HZ plus AC frequency adjust and the independent current control for the extra cash, then it's the right machine.

    I agree with your friend. The Dynasty will do all you could ever want in a full featured GTAW machine. I don't believe 99% of TIG welders could tell the difference in 250HZ or 400HZ in arc focus.
    The independent current control is for highly specialized applications that are beyond my realm of knowledge and understanding for daily use. Unless you can justify the main feature of independent current control, go with the Dynasty. I have the Dynasty 200DX and have never hit an application where the machine would not perform. I absolutely "love" this machine. If you need the amps go with the Dynasty 300DX. If you have the application for the Aerowave, I am interested in knowing more about it.