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  • New Bobcat 250 EFI

    After some 25-years of wanting an engine driven generator/welder, I finally received my new tool. The Bobcat will be used for farm welding away from my shop and also backup electrical power to the home. I live on a small cattle farm in west central Arkansas. Often loose electrical power due mainly to storms. For years now I've been building fence corner "H" post in the shop then hauling them to the fencing area for installation. Now I can build the H post in the field if I choose to. I've also be wanting to replace my corral wood boards and post with steel. Now that can occur.

    Gonna take advantage of the $500 rebate towards Miller 2/0 cable set and welder cover that was purchased. Just got to mail the rebate form and copy of invoice next Monday.

    Forum member Cruiser provided previous recommendations to use motorcycle oil or engine oil with zinc, such as Quaker State Defy (??).

    I'm wondering if the new engine should be "broke-in" with the oil shipped in the engine prior to replacing with oil with the zinc additive?

    Anyone ever heard of a Alan or Allen welder? I have acquired this welder that my Dad owned and the one I cut teeth on. I've not welded with many different machines, but the best for me has been this old welder. I'm guessing it's a 1950's vintage. May post pictures in future messages.