Hi Picked up the shop master a year ago been playing with it off and on ever since finally figured out how to Tig weld 18 gauge sheet metal for my car with it & can lay a nice bead on bench not so pretty on car lol oh well im learning. Ok well I figured out the Tig for steal so now I wanna figure out this AC deal of it on Aluminum.............................. SON OF A $%$#$%#[email protected]#[email protected] thats hard or my welders junk! Naw last couple tries finally had me kind of laying out a bead staying shiny with out digging out the aluminum but now I am out of scrap Alum need to go find more and IM almost out of a big bottle of Argon already. See if this sounds right keep in mind I dont know squat about welding. HF set freq at about 65-70 current about 45-50 dig control set at 0 all on peddle not much to that machine kind of like using howitzer cannon for plinking. 3/16 alum sheet diamond plate and 3/16 filler rod pure tungsten 1/16 rod short #6 cup 15cfh pure Argon, Most all my welds look BLACK and look like some one dug them out of the alum with a Pick and hammer UGLY UGLY UGLY then out of now where I tried again as above and boom laid down 3 nice looking shiny beads but I cant add any rod to it just plops out and dies in blob never pools into a bead. I read in one of my manuals that came with the equipment it says on SOME machines Dig control is the Balance control when used in AC mode ON SOME MACHINES is the Shop Master that way? cause right now all I have is current and frequency to adjust ? Also Because of way machine doesn't want to lay down a bead is it possible machine is not hooked up right? could my ground be wrong? I believe I have machine set up with it set up DCEN and if my understanding is correct when I want to weld Aluminum I just switch the switch to AC and for steal back to GTAW and dont have to swap any cables or am I wrong???? and if im not wrong I bet something is wrong with my equipment. Thanks for any and all help in advance