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  • Information on TIG welding

    I've been welding for about 6-7 years now, starting out with a miller 225 AC stick welder at 16 building racks for our shop/ garage, graduating up to a MIG that I received as an 18th birthday present assembeling roll cages and som chassis work on our race cars. I have now become the proud owner of a TIG machine, although second hand I cannot wait to start using it. It is a Miller Maxstar 140, I plan on using it for building chassis on my race cars and customs as well as sheet metal work for the same. However the only information I've been able to obtain has pertained to selecting and preparing tungsten, striking an arch or setting the pulses, where can I find information pertaining to the actual welding process? Even at 22 I regretfully don't have much time to attend a course while running a business and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dale Jr. (Not NASCAR, I only drag race, LOL!)

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    There are a number of books out on the market, all with a slightly differnet bent. I'd recommend the 'student package' under the miller website education area. For $25 you get some very good tig and mig books, along with other information. Buying the tig book seperately is $25 or so, so you might as well just get the package. It arrives pretty quickly as well.


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      Hello Dale, I have a book called "Performance Welding" that covers a lot of ground.I think it is put out by HP Books. I went to the shop to find it but I must have loaned it out again. When it comes to TIG the best thing I did was take a class at the community college where I work. I know you said you are pressed for time but if you could work with someone a little bit it helps. I'm a long way from good at it but it's my favorite type to do. The tecnique isn't difficult but it is much easier if you have a skilled example to follow as bad habits; or wrong tecnique is hard to break. I,too am a drag racer S/G S/P But mostly Jr/Drag with my son. Good luck with your welding and your racing in the new year. If you ever get to Gateway in St. Louis let me know and I'll have refreshments in the trailer! The book is available from the big book sellers on the net for about 20 bucks. JEFF
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