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Help choosing the right tig welder for me....

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  • Help choosing the right tig welder for me....

    Boys and girls, I bought a miller Diversion 180 which is a nice little machine....but it's to small for my kinda work. Cut's out to protect from overheating.
    Now I'm looking for advice from the experts or vets in what machine to buy, I was looking at the sychrowave 250 dx is this a good machine that doesn't have any problems welding 3/8 inch aluminium for any amount of time.....

    Thanks for reading and can't wait for your input!!!!


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    Kinda depends on what your doing, Small critical parts or ??? As most industrial shops have gotten away from tig all together and gone to pulsed aluminum, via a spoolgun. Welds are the same and look is virtually identical to tig.

    That said, the 250DX is a fine machine providing you have the $$ power to run it, If not then best think inverter


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      Cruizer I bought a 350 mp last year,but I find it's not the right machine for fancy work.....right now I'm building a fancy doorstep rail and the Lincoln seems to spatter a lot (aluminium) then have to sand to get rid of it....

      But I had the machine for a year( Lincoln with a python push pull) it welds fine then the first thing it spatters ( a lot of foul words insue)......

      Seems lot it's not consistant in welds....i.e. been welding aluminium for 14-15 years + so it's not my first time using welding alu.

      Thanks! AG


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        Thats cause you likely didn't replace the garbage ground clamp.