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Bobcat Tig settings Help?

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  • Bobcat Tig settings Help?

    Just put a Tig set up on my 2013 Bobcat 225, I am new to Tig and the whole welding A/C D/C aluminum thing. I have a Tig 17 torch with the power block that you clamp your stinger lead and your argon too. I have watched the Beginners tig welding tips and understand it very well. My question is What settings do I set my machine at to get the best possible A/C tig aluminum weld? On the Weld Process switch I have-wire +, wire -, Sick + Tig - and A/C weld. On the Coarse Range switch I have wire {19-28 volts**, 50-100 amps,70-150 amps, 80-225 amps. Then I also have the fine control. I would think that if I were not on A/C weld, everything else would be D/C welding, not what I want to do with aluminum correct? So if I put the machine on A/C weld under Weld Process, then were do I put the control under Coarse Range? What amps or do I put it on wire in volts? A little help please. I already know the bobcat does not do A/C aluminum great, but I thought if I could Tig with this machine I would move up to a better machine for aluminum later. Thanks for any info.

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    Do you have a High Frequency box hooked up as well?
    If not, it will NEVER weld aluminum!
    A Miller HF-251-D with a contactor installed would be your best bet.
    You can run DC tig on steel and stainless now tho.
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