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  • selling millermatic 252...

    whats up fellas looking to sell my millermatic 252 30a spoolgun combo to upgrade to a 350p... lol like I should have bought in the first place. its been a great combo for me, ive put probably close to 30 welding hours on it over the past 8 months since I bought it. ive completed a couple boat builds and countless repair jobs with the machine and as I said its been great. im looking for a little advice on resale value and what I should be able to find a used 350p for. also if anyone is interested in purchasing it im in lake Charles Louisiana... south west la. feel free to ask questions or pm me for my direct cell phone#

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    NOT going to get any farther head switching machines, other than pulse for Aluminum. Kinda pointless. Now if your just trying to sell your machine off which is more likely, then stick it on craigs list.


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      Were you the guy over on welding web trying to sell that machine and gun for $500 less than what some one would have to pay for a new one (including freight charges)? If so, I thought you said you sold it a few days ago.

      Never mind, doesn't matter if you were.

      Regardless, do some homework.

      Go look at what one would have to pay for new rig like that and maybe knock off 40%. You can get that rig new for a little less than $3400 (freight charges to the local freight yard included in that price) off ebay. Maybe even cheaper at a local welding supply. So go and see how much they cost locally. Also go look around to see how much they go for used in your area because you are going to be competing with those to when you try and sell it. Used is used and people who buy used want to get a good deal or they go buy new so maybe 40% off ain't enough in your local area. It just depends.

      If you are feeling lucky and don't mind possibly waiting a while to sell it, ask for more than 60% of new and see what happens.

      Personally I wouldn't take a chance on a 8 month old used rig to save $500 bucks (15% less than brand new and only 2 years of warranty left). But some folks might. At 40% off the price of a new one it'll probably go pretty quick, locally at least. I also wouldn't buy a welder or spool gun used from anyone who was in my local area without trying it out first and NEVER long distance (i.e. basically sight unseen) from someone who I didn't personally know (and then I'd have to worry about shipping damage and possibly having to eat/deal with that).

      So maybe your best bet would be a local sale on craigslist/ebay, like cruizer suggested. And like cruizer said, selling your rig to upgraded to a 350P really is kinda pointless, but it's your money and you can do/buy whatever you want with it.