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Millermatic 130 wire feed problems

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  • Millermatic 130 wire feed problems

    Hi guys, I have a millermatic 130 mig and for some reason I'm having wire feed problems. What happens is when I hit the trigger the wire will feed out about 6-8 inches and then it stops. I got in touch with ILMO where I live and they said my liner was probably bad so I replaced it. After replacing the liner it worked great for the rest of the day, the next day I went to use it and it started doing the same thing, feeding wire out about 6-8 inches. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks Ed...

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    The first thing that came to my mind was could the wire be rusty, flaking off and clogging up the new liner.

    Maybe those with more experience will have a better answer.
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      I forgot to add that I'm using .035 flux core wire on it, if that helps any.


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        Flux core expands faster than the tip, so go a 1 over size or drill the exsisting one out.


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          Are you using a "V" groove roller, or a knurled "U" groove. Makes a difference, the "V" groove will distort a flux-cored wire to the point it won't feed smoothly through the tip. Even the proper knurled "U" groove should be set properly according to the instructions.
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            Thanks guys I will try that tomorrow...