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syncrowave 180 SD problem

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  • syncrowave 180 SD problem

    Hey all so i recently picked up a syncrowave 180 SD its a 2000 model if you look at this manual. here is my problem. The machine works great, welds beautifully but i am having trouble understanding how the machine needs to be "properly grounded" as the manual shows on pages 6-2 and 6-3. The problem im getting is that when im stick welding the stick heats up and jumps HF alike it would do when im tig welding. shouldnt this HF function be off when i switch the machine to stick? also my table becomes slightly HF and when i run my finger around it i can hear the electricity. Iv gone over everything. it is all properly grounded. I tried grounding the case as shown in the image and it didnt make a difference. Im stumped.