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Dynasty 200 dx hi freq fix

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  • Dynasty 200 dx hi freq fix

    Ok My 2007 Dynasty 200 dx Hi Freq start was getting very weak so I called Miller and they were awesome! I talked to a guy who pretty much in so many words told me it sounded like points. So, I drank some beer which is required when you work on expensive stuff, and started taking my darling apart. I found the points, (they looked just like my 283 Chevy's but bigger) shined them up with some cloth, set the gap at.012, and my machine is like new!!! That is why I buy American. I love Miller, thank you.

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    Must have been "Miller" beer.
    MM200 w/spot controller and Spoolmatic 1
    Syncrowave 180 SD
    Bobcat 225G Plus LPG/NG w/14-pin*
    *Homemade Suitcase Wire Feeder
    *WC-1S & Spoolmatic 1
    PakMaster 100XL
    Marquette "Star Jet" 21-110


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      Originally posted by duaneb55 View Post
      Must have been "Miller" beer.

      Just laughed my azz off!! Good one! That's my brand, no wonder I always weld better after a few.


      Dynasty 200 DX
      Millermatic 350P
      30A Spoolgun
      Lincoln Pro Mig 140
      Hypertherm Powermax 30
      14" Rage Evolution dry saw
      40 ton press brake
      Evenheat Heat treat oven

      1x42 / 4x48 belt grinder


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        I can weld after 4 but that is the edge! I start weaving to much. Miller Beer, I brew my own. Maybe Miller should put their beer in a blue can!


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          I only drink when I'm looking at a wiring schematic that way I have a excuse why I couldn't figure it out.


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            Wiring schematics Yuck!!!