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  • Multimatic 200 tri-gas

    After purchasing a new Multimatic 200 I became aware that you can only wire weld stainless steel with tri-mix. The company I bought this product from has never had any issues with people saying this. Why only tri? It cooks with the right gas but nan even on 98-2 gas it sucks. The tri bottle are 100 dollars more than what we use now but if this is what it will only use that's fine. Just wanted to know if anyone else has anything to say about this.

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    Well, your not going to weld stainless with a mig process with an oxygen blend, or straight argon, simply the gas must contain Helium


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      I usually tig stainless. Lately, I've been mig welding it with the Multimatic 200 and tri-mix. It sure saves a lot of time so the cost of the gas doesn't matter. If you're in business to make money you should be billing it back to the customer anyway.
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        Thanks 'yall

        After about 15 hood hours using this machine I am very impressed! Had to make 4 "j" ducts from 22 gage stainless steel and it HAD to be welded all the way around. Due to what I would call poor fit up tig was out so I did it in mig with .030 wire. Stich welding the whole way. It ran great from tack to completion. I don't normally mig stainless but it did an awesome job. Even when there was "sell gaps" it did great. It gave me the same weld every time! Money well spent.