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    HAWK and others,

    I just got my contractor kit and was checking out the rotary finger control. I have not plugged it in yet or used the new 200DX.

    Does it mount below the torch (180 degrees from the thumb notch on top)?

    Do you use your thumb to control?

    It seems kind of hard to rotate. When I last tigged in school (10 yrs ago) I used a pedal and it was easy to tweak and I can imagine easily doing this in a nice rythum if need be. Perhaps the pulsing capability of the Dynasty negates the need for this, but the finger control doesn't seem smooth enough for this.

    Do you regularly or constantly tweak the current or is it more for occasional adjustments and start/stop?

    Are there other control methods besides foot pedal (seem to have seen slider control)?

    Hope to start it up this weekend.

    Cool monster Garage tonight w/ the jet-powered Celica. Those guys and OCC sure are unsafe though in how they weld/work.
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    I have mine mounted underneath the torch handle and rotate the dial with my thumb. If you can get access to your work, I don't think it really matters where you mount it or how you rotate it. I have used mine on the top side occasionally. It's what is comfortable to you. Yes, there is a sliding switch for smoother and quicker ramp up. However, the dial seems to lend more control. I'd say that is why it is a little stiff to turn. I don't have much velcro left and have resorted to plastic wire ties from an electronics supply house. They actually hold better than the velcro straps for me. I bet you can't wait to stike an arc?

    Oops. Forgot one: I use it mainly for ramp up to start, I try to set my output at the machine as close as possible to match the material, and to pull off the amperage when ending the weld. If I miss the machine ouput, then sure I tweak the current as I weld. Sometimes I drop off a little if my tungsten starts heading for the erratic side when trying to weld to hot.

    Take a look at all your options on 2t and 4t for more uses in conjunction with the pulse functions. Too cool!


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      Flatout: you are right about monster garage and occ being unsafe. I think the macho apperance is there montra, it seems stupid to me. In my place safety glasses are always close at hand, so there is no excuse. I wish that the shows producers were more parental in that respect, although paul jr. always seems to have safety glasses.