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Adding hf-251-d1 for tig

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  • Adding hf-251-d1 for tig

    Being new to tig I have a question on using the hf unit with my older econo twin which only goes down to 30 amp ac. I want the capability to do thin aluminum. The hf unit can be used with a foot pedal so can the output be varied down from the 30 amp output of the main welder with the pedal and will I still need a secondary contactor if the pedal can dial the output to zero?

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    No cause there is ALWAYS internal current many machines are ALWAYS charging and draining at 30 amps


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      The HF-251D-1 doesn't control output amperage but only initial (start only) or continuous high frequency (for aluminum) for the arc. It also controls shielding gas to the torch and if equipped with the optional contactor controls the on and off of weld current but no adjustability.

      The foot peddle remote current control circuits simply pass thru the unit and on to and for use by the power supply IF it is capable of remote amperage control which the Econo Twin is not.

      How thin is the aluminum that you need to go below 30A?
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        got answer

        thanks a lot guys....this unit will not work for the forums and am pleased with all the knowledgeable people responding