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Dialarc HF. Torch with on off switch?

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  • Dialarc HF. Torch with on off switch?

    Foot petal is hard in many ways. Can I get a air cooled with on off control
    to work with my machine? And just use dial to set amps? Thanks

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    All depends on the serial # of the machine


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      Your question is like riding a bike is tough, can i just walk?........... YES!***

      You have what seems to be good equipment, practice and practice and practice....

      Important , have a good working position. seated on a solid table where you can rest an arm or elbow, not to mention proper gas, flow and properly ground tung.

      If you could have a mentor your progression would increase rapidly. good luck.

      ***and if cruiser says it depends on serial number of machine consider it as the right answer
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        Ser #

        Jd 683908


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          You need a plasma torch switch, get one of ebay for like 4 bucks, just wire it into your 2 pin receptacle on your machine tywrap it to your torch

          Click image for larger version

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            Hey Barry

            Stick to cabinet building darn it! You trying to put me outta business?


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              KT. Out of business!!!

              Hey Kt! Can't hide from you anywhere!
              May just have to take your leftovers!
              that is if I can learn how to weld ! Wish your new stuff was ready
              guy I know just ordered a rp. Yesterday.
              Hey how come you never responded to my email about the sportjet ?
              good to here from you anyway