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    does any one have a contact at miller that I can get tech manuals not owners manuals from I have been trying to get them from our distributor Air Gas an the keep sending me owners manuals I can get them online from miller I need the tech manuals I have been through miller tech training years ago and I have a few printed ones but I really want digital manuals

    willing to buy them just need to get a contact where I can buy them these manuals are locked up tighter than fort Knox gold

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    Cruzier said go to school to be a tech and then you can get the tech manuals.


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      Which tech manuals are you after? No one you contact is going to give them to you, as we spend literally $$ thousands of dollars going to upgrader courses all over the country.


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        tech manuals for the

        deltaweld 450 650
        deltaweld 451 651
        deltaweld 452
        deltaweld 302
        dimension 452
        acess 300 & 400
        cp 200

        I have about 90-100 welders that I maintain and I have been to miller factory school but it was years past for a previous employer


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          I don't even bother with the tech manuals on everything but the Axcess. Those should be left to a real tech. As quite complicated, definately wouldn't be allowed to give you the manuals on those anyways. The rest are a breeze, why bother with manuals.?

          Preventative maint on the Dimensions/Deltawelds must include dielectric gease on all molex connectors, including front boards, interconnection and hall. Then you really don't have many problems with them. CP's are basically dodes and fan motor issues.

          The only other problems would be control cables to the feeders.

          Like I mentioned though, no amount of contact with Miller will get you these manuals unless your a warranty repair shop and have passed all the tests to CST.


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            it has to do with documentation because now we are calibrating all the meters and only the tech manuals have the calibration procedures in them I need to have a digital copy of all the procedures I know some say that they cannot be calibrated but I need a digital copy and I would like a digital copy as most of mine are showing their age and some of the elec diagrams are getting real hard to read


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              Calibration blank certs I can email to you, though you will need a Lincoln 750 perferable load bank (as it has live load switching), or a Miller version, a independantly calibrated Fluke volt and amp meters

              Wiring diagrams are available in the owners manuals, or on the inner side plate of the machines

              Really no explanation how to do the Cals though, on most machines. The Axcess are self calibrated

              Dimensions either have a couple screws for the amp and volt, newer ones only have 2

              451/651 are done on the gage


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                I have the setup

                miller 395b load bank
                600amp current shunt
                fluke 175 certified meter

                my need for manuals is a paper trail mainly because the tech manuals have the written calibration procedure in them


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                  Axcess is self calibrateable with a down loaded program to a sim card. Can't calibrate a mig only machine as it won't go to data plate spec, and the Dimension is simple with a coupe of screws on the voltage board. Most Lincolns, you'll need a laptop.

                  Few machines are calibrateable anyways. I load them to data plate specs and compare the meters to my flukes. Calibrations, other than critical subarc are a waste of time anyways


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                    There are no written procedures for any machine other than the tech units. So, I don't know where you got your information from. Tech manuals should remain in the hands of techs. Perhaps contact your Miller Rep in this case