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Diversion 165 no power problem

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  • Diversion 165 no power problem

    I was welding with my Diversion 165 when I heard a large pop noise from inside the welder and it shut down. Now it will not power on.

    I was welding AC at about 135 amps for no more than 5 seconds when this occurred.

    I have checked power power at the switch and to the board and it is good. I'm not sure where to go from here. I am really hoping I don't have to purchase a new welder.

    This is one is a 2008 model that I just picked up used a couple months ago.

    Has anyone one ever had a similar problem or have any advice? Thanks

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    power supply is integrated into PC1, (240718) so we know that its toast, on/off switch is likely toast as well. PC1 is kinda expensive and you do't know what casued the surge, so at this point a new machine might be your best alternative.


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      Take a close look at any electrolytic capacitors on the board. Signs of bad caps are leaking, swelling on one end, and obvious appearance of overheating. If you find bad caps, they are easily replaced by ones of the same rating. Source from Mouser.


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        If the caps were bad, the power should still come on, personally after 20 years in this repair business, I'd be replacing that board. Best to send it in for the preinspections. That way you will know what happened and if its worth repairing. Probably not though...