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TA Pulse Pendant on an XMT304

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  • TA Pulse Pendant on an XMT304

    Hello to all,

    I purchased the unit below for a steal of a price. So good that if it doesn't work, I'll use some of the parts and not be so torn.

    Im wondering if it will work to pulse an XMT304CCCV with tig and mig.

    I use use a miller pedal on my TA300 Arcmaster and it was plug and play. I'm gonna check the Miller output pin readings and the TA values (when I find them) and see what differs. Not looking to burn up my XMT in any way.

    I sold off my optima like an idiot. Can't find one anywhere for what I sold it for.

    Thanks is for the help. I'm really looking to use it in Mig function on my S22P12 suitcase. It has remote voltage installed.

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    NOPE, plain and simple...