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  • Xmt304

    I just bought a Miller xmt304, primarily for stick and spoolgun work. Will the touch start tig function permit me to do tig welds almost as easily as a machine that is built primarily for tig\stick? Obviously the the 304 can't do alum., I was thinking about ss and mild steel, as I work in a food processing facility. I have to get a tig torch yet. Should a person get one that is water cooled even if I don't plan on using h2o cooling immediately? Just so that it is there for future use? Most of the tig work will be 1/8" or less. Or is h2o more for alum., due to high heat requirements? RWG

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    The XMT304 if a fine TIG machine. Your machine probably does not have a built in gas contactor. Therefore, the torch you choose will need to have a gas valve on it-no biggie. Yes, the "Lift Arc" TIG is great on this machine especially for stainless. For 1/8" you will be running 130 amps or less. I'd pass on the water cooled torch and coolmate system unless you just want it. Air cooled torches with gas valve can be found up to 250 amps. A 200 air cooled torch with a gas valve in a Miller or Weld Craft will suit your needs fine! I start thinking water cooled over 200-250 amps. HOH cooled TIG torch is for any metal pushing more than 200 amps for extended time periods-not just aluminum. Although the greater thermal conductivity of the aluminum just makes it more difficult to weld. Your machine will do aluminum with a wc24 controller and30A spool gun attachment-no sweat!

    ENJOY your new TOY. I had one for several years.