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Syncrowave 180 SD - fan on demand cooling

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  • Syncrowave 180 SD - fan on demand cooling

    Hi All,
    I recently bought a used Syncro 180 SD. Its working well so far and seems in good working order, but i haven't heard the fan come on at all. I'm wondering if this is normal for light duty use.
    I've been tig welding a fairly large steel door in 1" x 2" 16ga tube mild steel at 130 amps with lots of tacks and full welds 1" long x 20 welds without stopping, yet the fan has yet to come on. Even tried AC on some 3/8" aluminum, getting the torch pretty hot, but still no fan.
    I emailed the tech team and got a reply from Dan who after getting my serial number LE056740 (and stock number 907054) determined that it was a "fan on demand" unit and that it was built in 2004.
    Any 180 SD users out there think that my fan might be dead? Or does it just take more than this to get it going?
    Andrew J

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    Hard to say, if the unit shuts down due to an overheat, then for sure its the fan, if not then don't worry about it. Takes ALOT of heat to turn the fan on.


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      I have a Syncrowave 200 with fan on demand like the SW180. If you are doing light work with constant on and off of the foot pedal for a short period of time, you probably will never hear the fan come on.

      It takes an extended period of welding to get it come on with my SW200. They do work, however. Even with the fan on, they will keep welding.

      If the fan is on when I quit welding I always let the machine idle until the fan quits before I shut the machine off for the day. I don't know if it's necessary but if the machine is hot, I feel better cooling it down that way. It usually shuts off withing about 5 minutes.

      It sounds like the OP's machine if working normally.
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        Thanks syncroman,

        Yeah, my maxstar 140 fan ran nearly all the time and i would do the same thing; let it run after use to allow the fan to continue cooling. But thats a much smaller machine and different technology, so the experience isn't really applicable i guess.
        I put a small 4" x 4" fan on a bracket against the back of the 180 SD at the vent to pull some of the heat out of the unit. I found the cabinet was getting warm and the fan was still not coming on. This patch fix seems to cool it right down, but it's clearly a temp solution.