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    OK, i finally did it, i got a D-200, but there is the one little thing... i had thought that i ordered the DX, but that's not the case.. instead i have the SD, now i have only had it for 24 hours and it welds really well, but i really wanted the DX package.. the infinite arc shaping characteristics of the DX model really appealls to me and i see a brite furture with it in my buisness, but i am just curious if the SD would still give me satisfaction...

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    Do you think your dealer might work something out? Is it their mistake on the SD and you just didn't realize it until after the fact? I'm not 100% sure , but I think the biggest difference is the pulse capabilities. You should still have the EN balance and arc frequency controls on AC. It is still a great machine, but pulse is mighty handy below .035.

    Call your dealer. I once bought a Bobcat and they took it back after 5 hours of use and sold me a Trailblazer. I feel your pain. Again the SD is a fine machine, but the DX gives you all the pulse controls. If you are not going much thinner than .035, then no big loss.

    If your dealer won't help, then call Miller. Surely they will understand. Let us know what happens.


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      Well, i couldn't blame the mistake on any but myself for not double checking the quote ticket... but luckily i have a really good dealer, i went back and told about what happened and he said to me "i would want the DX so i will order it for you and just trade you out when the DX comes in".. he is going to let me keep this machine until the other one comes in.. i have put about six hours of practice on it this weekend and it makes me look good, just having a bit of problems on the alumiun side?? i have been welding on test strips of 1"x1/8" material, 125 amps, 75% bal, 2% certia 3/32, w/ 4043 filler, freq is up to 140 and the the welds are still coming up contaiminated, i don't have a really good tungsten grinder yet, but have been using a new wheel that is just for that..