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  • applogize in advance..

    Sorry to redo this thread a million times over. But who chooses either miller elite or speedglas for everyday 40-50 hrs per week under the hood?

    Had an old elite that was just ok- before digital style( heard better now). Heard speedglas has some sort of ventilation holes?...but seemed awkward on my head. Any input very appreciated as i have about 35 years until retirement lol.

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    I have a Miller Pro Hobby and weld 60 hrs a week with zero issues...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      i use a miller elite have been for years with no complaints and i sometimes put in 80 + houres a week with it.. i really wouldn't redomend any overhead welding with it but i use it for all types of positions even overhead after this one melts down i have another one in a box bradn new to takes it's place.if i was to just weld in my shop it wouldn't bother me to buy a high dollar shield because in my shop i flip the projects so that way i can run welds on the flat to try to reduce the heat i put on it.


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        I work in a sheet metal manufacturing shop, so a lot of fit up and tacking with thin steel, ss,and alum, so autodark helps me a ton- especially meeting job times.


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          ive had my elite for almost 8 years.... used to weld 40 to 50 hrs a week with it. now about 10 great helmet.... newer ones have better access to settings


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            I've got a Miller Elite that I've had for a few years now.
            No real issues apart from breaking a couple of head bands.
            Compared to my mates Speedglas I find the Speedglas more comfortable and the colour through the lens a bit better compared to the Elite.
            When this Elite dies I think I'll get a Speedglas helmet next.
            Regards Andrew from Oz.
            We are tig welders, gravity doesn't worry us.

            Miller Dynasty 350 Tig.
            OTC AVP300 AC/DC 300 amp hybrid wave Tig. (now retired)
            Kemppi MLS 2300 230amp AC/DC Tig for home with all the bells and whistles.