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Aircrafter 330st vs Tigwave 350

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  • Aircrafter 330st vs Tigwave 350

    I'm currently have an opportunity to buy a Aircrafter 330st and a Tigwave 350.

    I am only going to need one of them and would like some opinions on which might be the better machine.

    I would also like to get an idea of what they are worth.

    The Aircrafter has brand new foot pedal, torch (air cooled), regulator, stinger, ground lead.

    The Tigwave is just the welder


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    I own an Aircrafter 330ST

    For Ferrous metal it's fine. I have welded for many, many hours on one. Mostly 4130, but a fair amount of stainless.

    It was my first welder. I don't recommend it for AC welding. If plan on doing any Aluminum welding, please look for a square wave machine.

    The Aircrafter is not a square wave and if you plan on welding aluminum thicker than 1/8", you'll enjoy watching your hands catch fire while you are waiting for a puddle to form.

    The Tig Wave looks like it would be a better machine for AC/DC welding.

    With the exception of the foot pedal, all the accessories should work on the Tigwave.

    For the amount of grief you'll save, i'd eat the cost of a foot pedal and drop the Aircrafter.

    I want to say that the Aircrafter probably wouldn't even make a good boat anchor.
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