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XMT 304 HE.LP-8 Error code

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  • XMT 304 HE.LP-8 Error code

    I was given an XMT 304 and is has a he.lp-8 error code. Miller said it was either the hud, Display board or the Control board . I am hoping somebody knows how to trouble shoot these items and show me a pic of the location for them. I do have a spare i can try different parts in, but not sure which one is which. If anybody could help it would greatly be appreciated.


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    Make sure your weld diodes are not shorted. Try an ohm test weld terminal to weld terminal. First, check resistance across
    weld output receptacles
    (Ohms position). Resistance
    should be greater than 100
    Ohms. A typical reading on a
    good unit would be 620 Ohms
    ±10%. Connect (−) negative
    meter lead to (+) positive weld
    output receptacle and (+)
    meter lead to (−) weld output
    receptacle. If the meter leads
    are reversed you may get a
    flashing O. L depending on
    the meter you use.
    Then check the weld terminals and make sure they are not melted and the feed back wires are tight and connected.
    Also remove rear grill and look inside. should be able to see transformers inside the wind tunnel. Make sure there are no burnt wires or connections.
    After this you may need to take it in.
    Glenn 300 amp stick
    Millermatic 35
    L-tec plasma


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      I will try this when I get home, thanks for the info


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        Help 8 is 98% the front display ( programming glitch) card. Help 6 is always the top control board, Help 7 is always the side output board. Never seen the output diodes fail but still posible...