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Spot welding with a Dynasty 200DX

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  • Spot welding with a Dynasty 200DX

    Does anyone regularly use this feature? I haven't tried it yet but I thought it might come in useful when tacking up jobs. E.g. I'm about to build a cart for the Dynasty and it will have in the order of 200+ tacks. If I use regular RMT STD, then that's a whole lot of wasted postflow argon. If the spot feature reduces the argon usage I could just enable it, ramp up the amps and do all my tacks hopefully using a minimum of gas and then go back to the regular settings to weld it up. I guess I'm kind of hoping that if I set e.g. 0.1s spot time and max out the amps, it will tack properly and only postflow for a second at most since nothing will really heat up that much in that short time. Is that how it works?

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    I wish I knew.

    There should be somebody here that can answer.


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      I'll at lest help keep it at the top.

      Building a cart IMO is not exactly what you would want the SPO function for, its more of a joining thin sheet with tiny tacks feature. However it can be set to longer times.

      Your pre flow and post flow can be set to whatever you want in spot function or standard welding, a little pre flow is important.

      Your gona need really good fit up to spot tack a cart. I think you'll find sometimes a little filler and longer arc time is needed.

      Look up the manual and do some reading to find out how to set it up. I used the spot function once on some SS wire baskets. If the wires were held tightly together and you hit it just right it was ok.

      It didn't take long until I went back to standard settings with filler handy.

      That's a sweet job for Mig but Tig is ok.


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        Thanks for the info. I didn't get around to playing with it on the weekend but what you're saying makes sense.