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Hobart Ironman 210 wire feed problem

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  • Hobart Ironman 210 wire feed problem

    I recently purchase a used ironman 210. Yesterday I was welding hot rolled steel 3/18 inch thick. All was working fine. The welder setting were 4 for volts and 40 for wire feed. Today, started to continue the project and the wire would not feed. I tried many things. The wire would start to feed at settings of 60 and higher. The drive wheel has little torque at low settings (I can stop the wheel with my hand at settings below 40 and at high settings I cant). The wire drive motor is
    cool to the hand. What has changed?

    I have a new torch assembly and mig wire is 0.035.

    Any ideas on what is wrong would be great. Larry
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    Start from scratch and adjust spool and feed roller tension.


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      Hi, Cope, Thanks for your thoughts. I have tried numerous combinations of tension on the drive wheel and the wire spool drive. The wire speed is not very sensitive to these settings so this does not seem to be the problem. The drive wheel will not rotate at a setting at 20 even with out tension on the idler wheel. Something changed in the welder from one day to the next. The welder is not right and may not be reliable.

      The wire speed at setting 70 should be obtained with a setting around 20 or 30. I can and do weld with wire speed settings around 70 plus.


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        Serial# perhaps


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          The serial number of my Hobart ironman 210 is LC416848

          I hope this helps


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            Originally posted by jlmtech View Post
            The serial number of my Hobart ironman 210 is LC416848

            I hope this helps
            Looking at the correct diagram, yours pretty much comes down to the board


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              I might suggest testing the wire feed pot throughout its full range and in particular for a dead spot (open between wiper and minimum terminals) from 50% and down.
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                HI, ALL, Your thoughts are very welcome.

                I will check the wire feed pot with an ohm meter. But it seems to work very smoothly. This could be an easy fix.

                Can slow wire feed seem like low voltage? Two days ago I was welding 18 gauage square tubing into a bracket. I started welding with the wire feed at 70 and the voltage at 6. Earlier, I had used these setting for one inch welds on 3/16" x 2" hot rolled steel. These settings were ok for vertical down welds on the tubing. For horizontal butt welds I had to cut the voltage to 4 and the wire feed stayed at 70. Maybe the voltage is OK on this welder and only the wire feed rate is not right.

                Where can I buy the small circuit board?

                Thanks for the comments, Larry