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  • Dynasty now or Later

    I have had a Synchro 250 for 2+ years and it only has about 25 hours on it. Been moving a lot. Am very new to Tig as you can see. Ouestion should I learn on the Synchro 250 or move onto the Dynasty now, or move at all.

    I have tried repairing auto trans case in the past and immediate burn through is a problem despite the adjustments.

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    Jweld, 25 hours doesn't seem like much chance to get to know the machine. If it was me Id go to the metal yard get some plate and tube stock in a few thicknesses, practice practice practice, then move to the repair of some junk yard trans parts. That machine should do your job you describe. Don't give up, you will get it good luck.


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      I agree with pj. Practice is what you need. The Syncro 250 is a fine machine. However, the Dynasty 200DX inverter technology makes GTAW more like fun than work.

      Would I buy a Dynasty if I owned a Syncro 250 DX? It's hard to say: For the inverter arc and precision adjustments-Yes. For the ease of mobility and almost unlimited input power-Yes. To make the art of tig more interesting and easier than ever to learn-Yes.

      Here in lies the catch. This is your money. We cannot spend it for you. There are many answers to your question. I do not believe any one would intentionally lead you astray. If you have the money and won't miss it when it's gone, then go ahead and get the Dynasty. Do buy the Dx with all the pulse options. It's only $200 more than the standard SD model. If not, then put the practice to work on your Syncro250. I think I've made this statement before somewhere many posts ago: Need is not a factor in welding equipment. Want usually drives our purchase. Not always. Please do not take this out of context. If money is tight, want is not part of the equation. I had a martial arts teacher who's favorite saying, I heard it every week for years, "CAN'T NEVER DID ANYTHING." When a job gets tough and making my work difficult I always remember his statement. Somehow, someway the job gets done and the customer is happy. No matter what machine you have or get practice is the key. If you can't spend the time learning, then you can't tig.

      Don't let anybody BS you. Welding is hard work. I like to do it and have put many hours into the night smoking rods, blowing wire, and spitting tungsten until it all came together. Hang in there. It will come together sooner than you think.

      Long winded and late-Good night and good luck


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        Thanks to for your sincere replies. Think I will stay with the Sync 250, know I am fortunate to have that, and practice.