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  • welding aluminum

    Thanks for the response on my last post. From my last post I know that my xmt 304 is not going to tig al. My qustion is I have a xmt 304,a miller bobcat, a couple of lincoln idealarcs and a couple of lincoln gas welders what do I need to do to set up for welding aluminum. Should I mig it altough I have heard of several problems with this, should I buy some tig components to run off one of my ac units or should a buy a machine with squarewave capabilities? We weld steel for the construction industry but this is for a personal project. I what to build a deer stand out of aluminum nice and light weight

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    Sam- what type Al welding? repair of cast Al or new fab with tube or plate? I have the MM210 with spoolmate never welded Al before and did fantastic right out of the box, with 1/4 diamond checker plate. If you need the extra cleaning action for structural or sealed tank work, then I would Tig at what ever the cost. Also figuring in how much long seam work you plan for, it is easier with mig than tig. I know that you can work off the bobcat platform in either mig or tig with accessories, good luck with your decision it is a difficult one. pjs


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      If you dont want to get a mig set up for your xmt then I might go for a sycro 180 if its just a small project. depending on the thickness of material used on your stand would dictate if you need a bigger machine than the 180. you also must think whether more projects may come as a result of this project. Possibly think about a larger machine, it sort of comes down to how much you want to spend. I bought a Dynasty 300 a little while ago now no regrets. You might be able to ac tig with your bobcat with an extra module but the results would only be satisfactory. If you had a trailblazer ac tig would be a good option. As far as your idealarcs they wont help you much. Be a little more specific on your lincoln engine drives, perhaps one of them could be used, Dont quote me here but I think if you have a ranger9 or ranger300 you may be in luck I think you still need a module also to make the licolns work too. One last thing if you dont want to spend to much the syncrowave250 is a great machine for the money, Great all around shop machine.


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        The Dynasty 200 or Syncrowave 250 will serve your tig needs well and give you room to grow. Sometimes I buy on want rather than need. Anyway you will enjoy a nice Miller tig. Give these a look.