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    Hello everyone I'm in school for combination welding right now and I started school in October and will be finished in September and he will be teaching fabrication on the weekends and help me get a mig machine to start fabrication because he is trying help me build my business because he says I have the potential. I have a two car garage that can be a full time welding shop and he has been welding over 40 years in a lot of different states and knows a lot of tricks to improve your welding skills and I weld at my job which is mig so I know how to use a mig machine so should I take this on after school is done and I am goig to be certified in gmaw, gtaw and smaw and i have applied for a tax I'd and soon will be getting a llc soon I just would like some else's advice about starting there own welding shop aand soon will go mobile also any advice would be good positive and negatives about running one ?

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    who is "he"


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      Well since "HE" says you have potential he should be willing to cosign for a 100 grand loan to get your joint venture up and running.

      And lastly, remember, there are many old pickups with old welders in the back whose owners are willing to do a days work for a six pack and box of fishing worms.
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        If I was a young pup again I would start out doing side jobs and paying cash for everything and as you gain cash flow and business momentum the business will grow.
        I have seen too many businesses started out on borrowed money and unless you are very skilled in management or REALLY lucky the snow ball of debt runs you over.


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          I'm not a professional welder or a business major, but I've been around enough to have done common sense and know that big dreams are great, but they can lead to big trouble too.

          My point is, I agree 100% with Big Mike! Start small, pay cash, continue full time job and do this on the side until it can support you. If it takes off, GREAT!! If not, everything you've paid for (with cash) is still yours! AND you still have a job and income to support your self/family.

          Dream big, but live real.


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            "Dream big, but live real"

            This my friend is the philosophy of successful people!