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  • Gun Overheating...

    I am welding with a gas powered BobCat 250 and a Miller XTreme 12 v Suitcase, innershield 0.045. The gun has started to get red hot, so hot that I can barely stand to weld. The welds are 12 inches long and by the time I am 1/3 of the way through I am miserable. The wire also breaks inside the machine, sometimes forcing two pieces of wire into the orifice of the gun lead. The liner was replaced three months ago. My company isn't doing anything about the problem. I have told them about the problem repeatedly and they don't even open the gun to see if the problem is visible. We are on a tight timeline and all they care about is getting to the end of the job. If I open the gun myself what are the chances I can visually see any problems? I think something is shorting out in the gun. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks.

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    You may find the power cable pulled out of one end or the other from pulling it around by the gun resulting in some or all of the weld current is going down the wire and not the power cable.
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      Thank you. I'll take it apart and check it. I work on a construction site, field welding so the equipment takes a beating. I move the suitcase up and down three flights of stairs repeatedly all day and other employees toss tools on top of the suitcase in the tool trailer. The gun lead also is damaged about feet from the end nearest the suitcase. The insulation is melted and cracked, probably from someone welding, then moving the lead too close to the hot piece while welding the next joint. The companies solution was to cover the damaged area, nearly six inches long, with black duct tape. This job ends next week and I'll thankfully be moving to a new job site.


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        If the harness has pulled out which is likely, its quite difficlult to do a proper repair in the field. However, get yourself some stainless tyewire, All you do is pullup on the copper conduit and wrap the wire back to the ends/s and twist the tye wire to hold it in place. Electrical tape the conduit and off you go. Stainless tyewire doesn't work harden and break. I use a Aircraft type, with nickel in it.