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Prince spool gun to miller 252

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  • Prince spool gun to miller 252

    Hi guys, new here

    I have a miller 252 mig welder.
    a buddy of mine that owns a mill write company have me a prince
    alum spool gun.

    the spool gun does not hook right up to my welder.
    the gun came with a unit wired in line called the "torpedo"

    after a inquiry to mk products, the said the torpedo was an "interface" module that allowed the gun to work on miller welder a using the 14 pin connector.
    the connector is just slightly to big to fit the receptacle on my welder.

    of course they wanted to sell me a stand alone module to control the gun for 500$
    I will only use the gun a handful times around the garage a year.

    if anyone knows how to adapt this to my welder than would be great.
    i think I have the correct wire diagram for my miller welder.
    if I have to buy the right connector for the welder and put it on the gun wiring harness that is fine.
    I would just need to know what wires go were.


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    I wouldn't hook a "prince spool gun" up to anything. They are junk in my eyes. Just my thoughts...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      I won't hook up that piece of C*R*A*P to ANYTHING!! I toss em brand new into the garbage bin.

      Go on Ebay and get yourself a 15 or 30A Miller spoolgun. I hook these up to all brands. Most dependable, crazy reliable unit out there in welding land.


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        Since you have it, is that prince a 6 pin or 7 pin on the amphenol


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          It's a 14 pin connector. Of the torpedo interface module.
          i was able to get more info out of the mk products.

          Theres only 3 wires on the 14 pin connector going into the miller.
          and they gave me a diagram.

          so now I just need the amphenol connector that goes on my 252 and solder the 3 wires to the new plug and I'm ready to go.

          I believe I even have the right number for the plug.