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  • welding inconel

    What's the by product floating on top of bead when welding inconel??

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    Some of the material suppliers offer metallurgy support, contact your supplier and see if they can help. Are you just curious or is there a specific reason you ask?


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      Originally posted by thatsallid0 View Post
      What's the by product floating on top of bead when welding inconel??

      Are you using TIG, and are you talking about that stuff that looks like scum or kind of a skin on top if the weld?
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        There should not be anything floating, I would guess dirt if your tigging it?


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          Yeah I'm tigging it. Did a coupon and ground all that **** off for that. Now werkn on pipe to flange and don't wanna grind off that stuff on my cap. Its not attractive junk


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            Clean everything, including the rod, and use clean gloves see if that helps.


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              I even tried clean gloves. Have u welded inconel without that junk surfacing? Is that junk guna appear in xray?


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                I have never seen that and yup if you are seeing stuff like that it is not good. The weld should be colorful and pretty.Change your filler, make sure you are using the proper set up, gas, cup, tungsten, etc. Send a pic of said weld.


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                  Which Inconel Alloy..?? and do you have the correct filler??


                  You may find this useful...



                  AWS info on Welding Alloy #718


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                    Yeah its normal, I never had an issue with x ray.
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                      Photos of your weld would be helpful.

                      I made some samples of stainless to mild steel using various alloys I had on hand.
                      I did it to see what the beads looked like and I'm only an amateur so look at them with lots of grains of salt.

                      I used Inconel 92 filler for one of the samples.

                      Ground the work pieces prior to tigging but did not use acetone or any extraordinary cleaning steps.

                      Here is original post.

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                        That is what I was talking about with the pretty colors. My alloy must have been pretty different than the original poster.