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ss to metal and meatl to ss rods

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  • ss to metal and meatl to ss rods

    I have been welding and fitting for over 30 years and have welding ss lots of times. I sent the truck driver one day to go get some ss rods so I could weld some pins on a crane boom. he called me up and said the guy at the welding store needed to know if I was welding ss to metal or metal to ss because it was diferent rods for each process????? I took it as a joke because it can go both ways metal to ss or ss to metal. have I missed something over the years or what? in my shop I just use reagular ss rods or most times I just run ss wire through my mig with tri-mix.

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    Musta been a joke, unless he asked SS to SS or SS to metal, which, of course, would be different rods. Maybe just a communications mix up.


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      yea I was thinkin it was a joke I know theres a diference in rods for ss to metal and ss to ss .guy was just havin fun with my truck driver .I should have told him to bring me 10lbs of each.although he never does bring back what we send him for 90% percent of the time he gets to the place and puts me on the phone with the guy to tell him what I need.sometimes if we have a extra rod or box of wire lable we will send that with him but man when we need something like pipe fittings we screwed we send him to get weld socket fittings and he shows up with screw pipe fittings. good thing I ain't paying for his time and gas.