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  • Doing things I'm not supposed to!

    I own a mm210 with the spoolgun and occasionally I need to weld with NI99 could I use a stick cable and electode holder with the gas off and just tie down the trigger on the spoolgun to initiate the power?

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    You won't get an arc that you can use, I don't think. I tried putting a stick electrode holder once in a CV unit, an old Miller CP-200. The arc wouldn't last more than a second.

    This was a long time ago, before I even knew there was a difference between the Constant Voltage of a MIG welder, and the Constant Current of a Stick or TIG welder.


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      A CV mchine willl not support smaw. However, you can purchase a small spool of nickel alloy flux cored wire and use your your MM210 as intended.

      Good Luck


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        Hawk, Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate your input along with the others on this forum. One last thing where can I get a spool of Ni99 wire.


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          If you have a local welding shop, inquire about what's available. I know you can find flux cored Ni alloys, but not sure about bare wire Ni alloys. I am not sure Ni 99% is available either way. Let me look around town and I'll get back to you. If you don't hear back in a day or two, then shoot me an email.