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  • welding titanium

    Hey its me again with my millermatic 135 . Im interested in welding some titanium rings for a hobby of mine. The local welding supply says tig w/ tungsten rods is the only way to go.Is it or is there another way. Anybody? And if so what is the tig welder I need for a hobby such as this.Money is of course a consideration. Thanks

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    What do you require for the welding job? Are you just tacking titanium rings? Titanium is a very reactive metal and requires great operator skill and experience. Much titanium welding is done in an argon chamber with GTAW. Tig is more than likely the only option. Tell us more about your specific application. Perhaps we can find a less expensive alternative for your needs.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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      Ti rings

      HEy Hawk thanks for the reply. Its for welding titanium rings about 1/4 inch in diameter in chain mail armor. Sort of an experiment/hobby.
      So the weld must be tough. The other way is riveting the rigs but according to the chain mail pros, this is not as strong as a good weld would be. I would say the rings are in the 16 to 22 gauge range of thickness. Thanks


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        You should be able to tig for your application. For exact procedures I recommend you email Bertram Chase of Welding Dynamiks. Look up his email on this forum. He has posted several times in the past regarding tig applications. His knowledge and experience of Ti tig is much better than mine.