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EN EP tig start polarity? on 300dx 2004

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  • EN EP tig start polarity? on 300dx 2004

    I received my brand new 10 yr old 300dx today and I had a question with the tig start polarity. Would this setting for ac be better on EP(default) or EN, set balance to 75%, since this machine doesn't have independent amp control what is the purpose of the starting polarity. I am a little confused.

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    Miller says it's better starting. I would crank up the start amps and milliseconds as well. That is one of the main things Blue Lightning has is more start amps and time on default.
    Back when I had my "pre Blue Lightning" 200DX that was advised for me to do and it helped a bunch. The only time it was a problem was when I welded ultra thin material. Then had to turn down the amps and the milliseconds.
    I don't remember the numbers but you can look at default settings on newer 200 Dynasties and get in the ballpark.
    Unless there isn't any adjustments in the hidden menu....then never mind
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      On AC you don't have polarity to set.
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        He's talking about the start parameters. When in AC, the machine can fire the very first half cycle in EP or EN.
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          An educated guess; as EP means the arc has to overcome the non conductive nature of oxide and or contaminant on the surface of workpiece, and arcs initiate most easily from a pointed object, I'd try EN as the first step. Is it possible you can initiate an arc in one half cycle? If you don't initiate in the first half cycle, you won't have long to wait. The next half will come soon.
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            EN EP tig start polarity? on 300dx 2004

            Thanks! I messed with it and set it with ep and welds great! I was just over thinking it and trying to understand it. Still don't but if it works guess don't mess with it!!