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300dx compulsive buy?

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  • 300dx compulsive buy?

    Hello I am new to tig and have been learning the process. I outgrew my 180sd and bought an everlast 255 ext to advance my aluminum skills and it works great but it is so freaking noisy. The constant fan and 6 million db water cooler makes the process annoying. So now I found a brand new never used 300dx tigrunner package for $4,300. Still has the red plugs in all the ports and all connectors are still in the unopened plastic miller bags. So compulsively I bought it and was curious will the 300 preform like the Everlast with all the waveforms etc. or will it be a little behind because the 300dx is older technology pre Blue lightning(not really sure what that means?). My 300dx is the latest version of the 3 produced and does not have the Waveforms-Sine triangle. My preference would have been the 280dx but I would be $3k more for a comparable miller setup. What are your opinions and I have not received the machine yet totally psyched to fire it up. Maybe I paid to much, too late now?? What are your thoughts?
    Thanks Pat

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    i have one. great machine. as with any inveter, when things go wrong it cost a ton to fix compared to a transformer machine. but the said can be said between an 86 chevy pickup and a new one. so i guess you cross that bridge when you get there. $4300 for it???? you will get a ton of opinions here but i don't think its bad. the soaring costs of new machines make used older machines worth more. i bought mine used as well for i think $3700 a few years ago. but compared to a new dynasty 350 for over $8000 i think it did well. if the difference is a few hundred even $1000 maybe go new. but when your talking double the money then that's tough. also because its new doesn't mean it wont give you problems. so the short answer is i would have bought a complete runner for that. but that's me. good luck


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      $4300 & zero warranty yep, I say thats compulsive. Not a big fan of these units from a repair point of view.

      I really hope it does well for you, whats the serial# as there were some service memo's on it


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        thanks I was thinking that to. What about the aluminum abilities waveform etc.?


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          serial #

          LE 024145
          thank for any info!!
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            My girlfriends uncle was just talking to me about welding the other day, he has had a 300dx since new, and just added a brand new 280dx to his shop. He said he has and still loves his 300 but the 280 is a half step better at everything. So I think you will be set up nice with your 300, should definitely be an upgrade to your everlast in the end. That price seems reasonable for a never used machine.


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              I bought a 250 Synchrowave back in 1992 and sold it when I got my Dynasty 300DX about 6 years ago. I love my 300 DX and cant imagine having anything better.

              Compared to the square wave its quite a bit better, I personally think you did good, My Dynasty 300 DX gets anywhere from 2 hrs a week to 15 hrs a week of run time, on average probably 5-6 hrs a week and I have never had to take it to the shop yet.

              I've been charging a $ 100.00 hr for my tig work so in my world you will have the machine paid for in about 43 hrs.
              After that its all profit.

              Congratulations on your purchase, You are now the owner of a High end tig machine.


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                January 19th, 2004, now did you buy it from a lws, with a Miller distributorship, cause you would be entitled to somesort of warranty, being a brand new machine.

                There are no service memo's on this machine's serial#


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                  Originally posted by cruizer View Post
                  January 19th, 2004, now did you buy it from a lws, with a Miller distributorship, cause you would be entitled to somesort of warranty, being a brand new machine.

                  There are no service memo's on this machine's serial#
                  Thanks everyone, I bought it from a company who had it in there warehouse and really forgot about it or something of that sort. They moved and said what is this?? I am not a guy to ****er on price everybody has to make money in this world. I just could not believe it was totally unused had to put a plug on it to make sure it would fire up!! I wanted the 280 but that would be 2-3K more with all the parts. we will see if I think the worst I could get hurt is 1500. I think. The Everlast welds really easily and I do just use the advanced square My skills are not good enough to take advantage of other waveforms. I could have got a 200dx but the extra amps are needed with what I am doing with Aluminum.


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                    Patktm, You are incorrect to think the advanced wave form is to complicated and you don't have the skills to use it.

                    Once you get it, set the hertz at 120 when your on AC to weld aluminum and you will notice a immediate improvement, It turns a so so welder into a better welder.
                    This setting will give you a focused arc that is especially handy when doing inside corner welds.

                    With your square wave machine its an erratic arc that bounces off the sides when going into a tight corner, with the Dynasty your tungsten will keep more of a point verses the ball.

                    That was the biggest improvement that I noticed.

                    Keep in mind that miller recommends 1.5% Lanthanated and 3/32" diameter is a good all around tungsten for this machine, you can weld 1/4" aluminum with ease.
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