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  • Dynasty 300DX Tigrunner Value

    Hello I am new to tig and have been learning the process. I outgrew my 180sd and bought an everlast 255 ext to advance my aluminum skills and it works great but it is so freaking noisy. The constant fan and 6 million db water cooler makes the process annoying. So now I found a brand new never used 300dx tigrunner package for $4,300. Still has the red plugs in all the ports and all connectors are still in the unopened plastic miller bags. So compulsively I bought it and was curious will the 300 preform like the Everlast with all the waveforms etc. or will it be a little behind because the 300dx is older technology pre Blue lightning(not really sure what that means?). My 300dx is the latest version of the 3 produced and does not have the Waveforms-Sine triangle. My preference would have been the 280dx but I would be $3k more for a comparable miller setup. What are your opinions and I have not received the machine yet totally psyched to fire it up. Maybe I paid to much, too late now?? What are your thoughts?
    Thanks Pat