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setting up small fab shop

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  • setting up small fab shop

    I am setting up a small custom motorcycle fab shop and im thinking of starting with a millermatic 175 and a syncrowave 180. Any input is appreciated.

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    There are a number of good mig and tig machines available. If I were staying strictly in a shop enviroment, I would probably choose the the MM251 with the push/pull option if you will be migging aluminum. The MM210 with a spoolgun package is also a nice machine. I believe the Dynasty 300 or Syncrowave 250 would be my tig choice. You can never have enough machine to do the job and can always grow into larger machines easier than getting out from under smaller machines. Without hesitation the MM251X w/ Push/Pull module and gun plus the Dynasty 300DX will do most anything a small fab shop needs. A nice plasma like the Spectrum 625 or 2050 is a fine compliment to both of these machines.

    There are other machines and other opinions out here. I just like "THE BEST OF THE BEST" within a given class of machine and required performance.

    Good Luck


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      As far as MIG machines go I agree the 251 with the push/pull module is the way to go. In fact I'm in the planning stages of setting up just such a fab shop myself and the 251 is the machine I'm going to buy. I haven't deciced on a TIG machine yet but still have time for that. Basically my fab shop will deal with custom motorcycles and also off road 4x4 accessories such as bumpers with winches built in, side bars that double as a step for entry into the truck as well as providing side protection to the vehicle in case of a sideways slide into a tree. I will also be custom fabricating lift kits both suspension lifts and body lifts, I make body lifts in any lift but all use the stock body mounts and bolts. The most lift I've ever done is 17", 6" suspension lift and 11" body lift and my customer was delighted in the results.

      All said though I'd go with the 251 with the push/pull option!
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        I have just a small shop in Indiana that I do repair and fab work, this is an evening and weekend business currently. My choice a year ago was between the mm251 and the mm210 unfortunately money is sometimes a motivating factor. The light weight world of motorcycle fab will rarely need more than the mm210. If you ever think you will do Al welding buy the optional spoolmate with the welder as a complete package it will save you several hundred dolars. This is the setup I own and it will do what you describe-- if not orange county choppers would not use it! Nor would I! It will prove better money spent. Good luck in your new venture.


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          will offer one small bit of advice... if money is tight.. get a good tig machine and the pasma cutter... tig takes a little more time to learn but the welds are much prettier if done properly.. in my view.. not huge areas to weld on a bike so the mig could wait till later..tig will take more time to weld but you might find it worth your while..
          best of luck on your new venture..

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