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wire feeder on older unit

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  • wire feeder on older unit

    Does anyone know if I can hook up a wire feeder to an older Dialarc 250? I have 50' cables and if I just had a cart with a feeder, gun, and tank would be very happy witht he setup. Thanks

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    You should be able to use a cc/cv voltage senseing wire feeder in the CC mode. It is best to demo the feeder. I have tried several feeders, Lincoln and Miller, on CC machines in the 250 amp range. Some combinations worked great and some not so good. I think the 3045FC with the optional gas valve would probably work as would the 8VS. Please call Miller Tecnical to confirm this. If they have not tried these combos, ask to test for you. I had a question about running the Maxstar 200DX from a Bluestar 6500 welder/generator and Miller had never tested this combo. However, 3 days later they gave me the results: 168 amps on stick and 198 amps on tig. I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL MILLER HAS DONE FOR ME. I am sure they will do the same for you.

    Merry Christmas


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      wire feeder

      Hey Merry Christmas Hawk
      Thanks for your help. I appreciate it a lot.
      One more question though...When an accessory is tagged
      CC/CV does it mean it requires CC/CV or can it run off
      just one or the other? Thanks again

      I answered my own question ....nevermind

      What would be a good asking price for a used 3045FC or a
      8VS suitcase (which is neater than sliced bread)if used?

      I'm not even an amatuer but do a considerable amount of welding and cutting on my off time. Mostly my projects are taking something with a motor that ran and didn't work and building something that motor wasn't built for. Thanks for any help....


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        Typically a good used bench type feeder goes for half the original purchase price. The suitcase feeders like the 8VS are much more popular. If the condition is really good, I'd be surprised if you find one for sale at a reasonable price. I have the 12RC which is designed for true CV. Seems to me like 1300.00 new was a good deal for the full feature model with all the frills.

        The 8 or 12Vs series should be a little less money, but you will probably have to buy new. Don't discard the Lincoln suitcase feeders. They may be a little bulkier, but are excellent machines. I prefer Miller, but sometimes there are other factors to consider.

        Happy New Year!!!


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          Thanks for the reply. I went down to my local shop (they were closed)and I noticed they had the 3045FC in the window which means it's used but in great condition. I'm going to see what they think and try to get them to demo it on my machine. Mean while I'll be shopping
          around till monday. Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!