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welder generator gas vs diesel

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    Originally posted by H80N View Post
    +1 on the Trailblazer...

    a Bobcat is OK if you plan stick only...

    But if you plan on expanding your capabilities to TIG.. Spoolgun...or.. Suitcase feeder MIG at a later date... the Trailblazer is a better choice..... that 14 pin control connector is REALLY useful..
    It makes that expasion pretty easy..

    I run a wirefeeder off my 250 bobcat regularly I also run my spoolgun when doing aluminum work. I don't understand why you say a bobcat is for stick only. as for tig I went to the local miller welding shop and they said I should be able to run a tig setup off the bobcat with no problem.


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      I do agree with everyone about the trail blazer .if you have the money to buy one I would get it but if your a little short on cash the bobcat will do just fine.